I am so very thankful for what you have done to relieve my back and shoulder pain. In just a couple of sessions I have gone from extreme pain to almost none.

- Gary F.


Over a year ago, I had such severe abdominal pain. My doctor said she couldn't do anything for me and recommended that I go to Liz Billings for acupuncture. It was the best thing I have ever done for my health! Immediately after my first session, I had no abdominal pain. Through continuing treatments I now have not only resolved the pain, but have more energy than ever before. I highly recommend Liz for acupuncture. 

- Lisa B.


I want to thank you for providing me with excellent healthcare using your acupuncture skills, experience and compassion. Your acupuncture has helped me regain my overall health. I had an eye surgery procedure and became concerned when I had some haze in my vision afterwards. With the acupuncture you provided, within days my eyes cleared up. It is great! I felt so much better and am very pleased with the results. I am very happy with the holistic skills you provide. It reminds me my body is a connected system with energy flows and patterns. I have learned my mind, body and spirit can be aligned and optimized with acupuncture and a good diet. I appreciate your services very much! It is helping me every day with positive energy and renewed strength. Thank you!

- Don O.


I've experienced several years of back pain and spasms which were only helped with twice yearly cortisone injections and a few rhizotomies. I had also been taking prescription strength ibuprofen which resulted in kidney problems. After four visits to Liz, I'm off the meds, regained flexibility in my spine and am close to being pain free! A few other problems are also being corrected... I'm finding my sessions with Liz amazing. She's a wealth of knowledge, pleasant and gentle. Thank you Liz!

- Pauline M. 



My name is Merris and I have been going to Elizabeth for several weeks now. I have ongoing health problems that doctors are treating, but the side effects are difficult to deal with. Elizabeth has been a great help in this regard. I go into her office grumpy and out of sorts. When I leave, I am much more myself and can function normally. The doctors who are treating me have noticed a positive change as well. Thank you Elizabeth for all you do!

-  Merris



My first visit to acupuncture was amazing! I never thought it would work, but the VA said go, and I went. I struggle with a lower back injury that caused constant pain. That pain was radiating around to my right hip and was sometimes excruciating! Being very skeptical myself of new therapies, I never thought acupuncture would work. But after I got off the table, my right hip pain was completely gone. Now here I am on my 2nd visit and still no right hip pain! Acupuncture really does work!

Patrick G.



Recently I was involved in an accident that resulted in damage to one finger and amputation of the top of another. I was sent home from the hospital with opiate pain killers, but I have a sensitive digestive system and I was experiencing side effects. I sought out acupuncture with Liz in hopes that she could manage the pain which was excruciating at times. Liz's acupuncture was able to control the pain as well as the opiates but with none of the side effects. I believe it also has helped me heal faster as my doctor said my hand is doing great. Thank you!

- James W.



I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the treatments that Liz provides; especially with the herbal dietary supplement. I'd had two years of disruptive digestive issues. After trying many dietary changes, and being checked by traditional Western doctors, no one had answers. Yet within a week of taking the herbs you recommended, my gut was back to normal.  Thank you. 

Martha P.



Thank you for your help in fixing my knees!  Despite many orthopedic treatments, it was your painless needles that have given me relief and the ability to get walking again. I also feel that you have made my 3-year-old Bells Palsy progress in healing. The constant tension in my cheek and ear is letting go and I almost have my smile back. I had no idea that my body was blocking energy, but when I leave your office I feel lighter, brighter and Better. Thank you, I look forward to making even more progress as we continue.

- Laurie M. 



I had a great deal of anxiety about trying acupuncture after my traumatic brain injury, but Liz walked me through the whole process. After this first session, I was really able to speak English again. When I was leaving, Liz noticed that I had a flat tire and that caused me to be in a panic. Liz stayed patiently waiting with me while Mom talked to me and tried to help me remain calm. That's when I noticed that we were actually having one of our first conversations. It was a very emotional moment and my anxiety about acupuncture dispersed. 

Liz really takes the time to sit with her patients and get to know them. She is very patient and knowledgeable. She shares the history, tradition and practice of acupuncture and you learn to respect this culture. She loves her work and it shows. Her needles target my brain injury, brain fog, comprehension and nerve endings tied to my vision and hearing. For all those that have been struggling for years, weeks or months an are living in pain, I greatly recommend Liz and her field of work. Of course trying new fields and experimenting is not easy, but the needles no longer are scary and only feel like gentle pokes. 

I arrived with impaired speech, difficulty feeling emotions, mentally drained and with a great deal of heaviness in the body. This is a procedure that I can count on to work every week. I have faith in Liz. She is performing little miracles and I feel I am being given my life back. I encourage others to take this path as I have found conventional medicine cannot fix the issues.

- Ashley S.



Having chronic issues from a car accident, I wasn't satisfied with the doctor's strategy of constant pain killers and muscle relaxers, but I knew I needed something to help get my life back on track. Three Mountains Wellness has helped me do that. Liz is so thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate in her care to help patients through their issues. I wish I hadn't waited so long to give acupuncture a try. It's great.

- Holly M. 



Ms. Billings has given me acupuncture treatments for asthma for nearly a year. She addresses the physical body as well as the emotions. Liz's holistic methods are very effective. The acupuncture helps me breathe easier and always leaves me feeling refreshed. 

- Kathy S.



If you are wanting to try acupuncture, I highly recommend Liz Billings. I had tried other acupuncturists years ago when my health crisis first started, but what sets Liz apart are her results that I haven't found elsewhere. What keeps me going back every week to Liz is her educational style, thoroughness, and persistence. She really listens to what you have to say, which we do not find with our traditional physicians. I was really pleased when she was able to address an issue with my kidney that occurred after an injury during surgery for a Kidney Stone.

As with most holistic treatments, the Patient must be patient to see results. Remember, you did not arrive at poor health overnight. This alternative modality will bring you relief unlike traditional medical treatments.

- Vicki B.




Liz is holistic and knowledgeable in her approach. I have worked with Liz since late Spring 2014 and have seen multiple areas of my health improve. I can primarily note changes in my health related to ailments of the female variety. My migraines have also been more regulated. I highly recommend Liz to anyone looking to restore balance to their body. Acupuncture works when applied properly and Liz does just that. 

- Erica J.



To those looking to improve their overall health, then you have come to the right place! I have been a client of Liz Billings since June of 2014 and she has had an amazing impact on my health. As someone who struggles with ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) and anxiety, Liz has helped to make living with these afflictions much easier. Just the other day I went to my appointment with Liz after having been sick for over a week with bronchitis, and left feeling a revived sense of energy and wellbeing. Furthermore, my cough and running nose have subsided significantly and since then I've felt better with each passing day. 

She has helped me reduce blood loss, fatigue, anxiety, knee and back soreness, and countered the side affects of prednisone. In addition, she has increased blood circulation to my hands and feet, which often times are very cold. My general sense of wellbeing has improved, I feel more grounded, focused, and confident in doing daily activities.

There are days where I come to appointments with Liz having close to no energy (due to anemia), no appetite, hunched over walking in. Weeks like these I can't wait for my appointment, because I'll leave feeling completely different than when I first walked in.

I encourage anyone who is looking to improve their health to visit with Liz. For those who haven't tried acupuncture, it is truly a unique experience. Make sure to give it more than one chance. The first appointment is an interesting one. You start to learn and get a feel for the energy that moves through the body. Also, I know the idea of tiny needles can be frightening, but the needles are not bad. After having gotten immunizations, iv's, and blood work, I would opt for the needles Liz uses. 

Liz is a miracle worker. She is kind, well-trained, and licensed. I am a very critical person and Liz has surpassed my expectations for acupuncture therapy. Liz is a part of what I term "my healthcare team", and I cannot imagine not having her as a practitioner and resource on this team. 

With sincerity,

Alanah H.



I have been able to get off of my arthritis medicine - it's been over a year now. My hands and face problems are slowly going away and returning to their normal state with Liz's knowledgeable treatments - after three MD specialists told me there was nothing they could do for me. 

- Joanne G.



Liz is a fine wellness coach. Her assistance in preparing me for major surgery was extremely helpful and resulted in a positive medical experience. She monitors my health and offers good advice regarding eating and sleeping habits. Her expertise results in a feeling of being in good health. 

Georgia O.



I've been very happy working with Liz. I greatly appreciate her truly holistic view of health and wellbeing. I'm going through a lot of issues physically and emotionally, and she understands how it ties together and can be helped with acupuncture, healthy food and supplements.

- Carrie R.  



I injured my ankle in high school and had been suffering with the pain for 8 years. I couldn't go for walks longer than 5 minutes without suffering a great deal of pain and it was getting in the way of daily tasks such as doing the dishes and cleaning the house. It has taken 9 months to eliminate the pain associated with this injury. I can now go on walks and even run again. I do not think twice about ankle pain before I do these things. I have been to several doctors and physical therapists but acupuncture at Three Mountains Wellness is the only thing that has eased my pain and kept it away. Coming to Liz Billings for help with my injury has truly changed my life.

- Emily K. S.



Working with acupuncturist, Liz Billings, has been very beneficial to my overall health and healing. Liz brings a wealth of training and expertise to each healing session. Her knowledge and intuitiveness in traditional Chinese medicine, body systems and healing herbs has positively impacted my liver/gall bladder ailments and my heart concerns. I have recommended Liz to many of my own clients!

- K'Anna B., MAEd., LMT, PSMH, Holistic Bodywork and Health Education



Today I had my first acupuncture treatment since badly breaking my ankle and having it surgically repaired.  I had been walking on both feet again for about 5 weeks but my big toe was far apart from the other toes; also my ankle was very stiff and swollen, especially in the inside of my ankle and heel. I did not feel very stable especially when getting up to a standing position. My hips were also very tight and it was difficult to lift my leg high enough to get in the car.

This was my acupuncture experience.  Shortly after the needles were placed, my big toe moved closer to the others and you could see the swelling in my foot go down.  I could feel my ankle relax. When I got up I was able to move my ankle with much more ease and felt much more steady when standing. I was even stable enough to stand on my toes.  Overall I experienced an 80% improvement in the comfort and stability of my ankle after just one treatment and could finally trust my ankle to hold me while walking, standing and using the stairs.  My hips also felt relaxed and lifting my leg to enter the car was easy.

Thank you Liz!  You ROCK. :)
- Corrine S. 
Acupuncture at Three Mountains Wellness has been an effective and painless way for me to deal with many of the tension and strain problems that arise after long hours of daily music practice. It has been particularly useful for neck, hand and wrist pain, as it releases a large amount of the stress in my muscles without using invasive pressure or potentially harmful methods of stretching.
- Catherine C.