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Patient Success Story - Acupressure for Leg Pain

One of my patients had an irritating pain in her leg that only appeared when she did certain activities. Gardening was difficult, if not impossible and it upset her. Conventional medicine hadn’t resolved the problem, so she took a chance on acupressure because she doesn’t like painkillers and wanted to see what else she could do to help herself.

I taught her a simple acupressure protocol that she could easily do. She’s been doing it every morning and again whenever her leg starts to bother her - and it’s working! The pain has gradually started to respond to her effort as she trains her body to eliminate it through acupressure. Now, when her leg starts to feel sore she responds by doing her custom protocol. In about a minute, the pain goes away and she says that it isn’t coming back as often. She’s healing and she knows this because she can look back at the early symptoms that she wrote in her Acupressure Log Book and can see the progress that she’s made - even though she’s more active now. She’s able to live her best life and work on her to do list without worrying about pain. The acupressure stimulates her nervous system to promote healing, brings energy to the areas that feel weak and reduces excess “stuck” qi that causes pain. After only a few weeks of practice, she says she feels younger and more confident.

Quality of life is so important. All too often we associate aging with a natural decline in function and accept ever-greater limitations that can eventually leave us feeling like strangers in our own bodies. But there are people in their 90s who are healthy and active. There are Blue Zones in the world where entire populations live longer than most humans and are healthier as they age. If you are starting to feel the effects of time, it’s important to differentiate between “normal aging” and healthy aging. You may find that simple, inexpensive things like acupressure can make a world of difference to your quality of life.

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