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Kids Love Acupuncture 

Forget needle-phobia. Tiny acupuncture needles are a big hit with kids, moms and doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital and here in East Lansing as well. Acupuncture started out as a pilot program at Seattle Children's Hospital, but its use has grown dramatically with patients requesting acupuncture five days a week.1 The reason? Acupuncture is a surprisingly gentle and effective choice for kids with health problems. So effective, that over one third of pediatric Pain Treatment Services at children's hospitals in the United States now offer acupuncture services.


Curious About Acupuncture? 


You've probably heard people talking about acupuncture. TV news programs discuss the latest research and show people getting acupuncture, doctors at the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health recommend it for a variety of conditions and you may have family, friends or colleagues that have regained their health using acupuncture. At Three Mountains Wellness, acupuncture and oriental medicine are used every day to help people feel better. It's not magic, it's an evidence-based system of oriental medicine that's worked for over 5000 years. But what is it, how does it work, and why should you try it? Read on...